A Letter from Judy Rollings

To all our wonderful Lunch Time Theater guests.

As many of you may already be aware, I find it is time for me to step away from LTT and enjoy some retirement. I’ve been threatening to do this for about 10 years, however the pull of this wonderful Program, so generously supported by the Herberger Theater and it’s staff, combined with the love and joy that you, our audience , have brought to Lunch Time Theater, have kept me firmly and happily in this position. I want to thank each and every one of you for continuing to be that 50% of live theater that makes it vital and important in our society. Thank you for your constant encouragement, your beautiful smiles, and the wonderful memories I shall keep of sharing Lunch Time Theater with you. I leave this Program in very good hands, Cescily Wiener and the rest of our Herberger staff will do it proud, I am sure.

With deep and sincere gratitude,
Judy Rollings