April 11-13, 2024

The Kax Stage


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Scorpius Dance Theatre

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ANIMAL Returns to Celebrate and Support Domestic and Wild Creatures

An original show created by Scorpius' Director, Lisa Starry, it is inspired by her love of animals and passion for their well-being. The show explores the relationship we have with animals, as well as their social interactions, physicality and movement. Overall, a lighthearted and entertaining show, Starry is also taking the opportunity to provide awareness and support for animals in our community and globally. Starry is an active supporter of the fostering and adoption of pets, as well as global organizations working to end animal abuse. Audiences will be fascinated, entertained and enlightened by ANIMAL.” ANIMAL will feature nine different dance works and comedic interludes. From the unusual mating ritual of the praying mantis, the slumbering ways of the sloth, the slinky movement of snakes, to the social interactions of dogs, Scorpius’ dancers will use their athleticism, grace, and acting abilities to emulate the motion and behaviors of various domestic pets and wild animals.