Furious Styles Crew 30yr Anniversary


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Join us for the most anticipated event of the year, as we celebrate the monumental 30-year journey of the Furious Styles Crew, a true icon of Arizona's Hip Hop scene. This main event pays homage to the enduring commitment of this legendary crew and the vibrant tapestry of Hip Hop culture in the region. At its heart, the Furious Styles Crew 30 Year Anniversary Celebration is a tribute to the profound legacy of Arizona Hip Hop and a dedication to unity, cultural exchange, and artistic expression. It serves as a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talents and advocates passionately for diversity and inclusivity. Our vision extends far beyond the event itself; it aims to leave a lasting legacy that enriches the very cultural fabric of Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona. The celebration promises an array of captivating highlights, including authentic Hip Hop culture and its cherished traditions. The Furious Styles Crew 30 Year Anniversary Celebration is not merely an event; it's a testament to the enduring spirit of Hip Hop and a legacy that continues to evolve, enrich, and unite communities. Join us in celebrating the past, enriching the present, and shaping the cultural landscape of Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona. Be part of history in the making!

10 hrs