Herencias de México

Sunday, April 28, 2024 • 3:00 pm

Stage West


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Tradiciones Dance Company

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From the majestic displays of Pre-Columbian dances of Quetzales from Puebla, México, to the more modern-day carnivals of the coastal state of Sinaloa, get ready to witness a vibrant, exhilarating spectacle of emblematic celebrations and traditions that take place throughout this beautiful country, and form part of its cultural legacy: Herencias de México. Join Tradiciones Dance Company as it takes the Herberger stage once again and transports its audience to some of México's richest cultural festivities. Herencias de México is Tradiciones Dance Company's third Mexican folk-dance production at the Herberger Theater. Be ready to be moved to the edge of your seat from joy and excitement as you witness Tradiciones Dance Company take you on this colorful, captivating journey.

All Ages