Performance Pop-Up: Japanese Taiko Drumming Ensemble: Fushicho Daiko Dojo


The Pavilion

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Herberger Theater Center

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Fushicho Daiko celebrates the passion, focus and community of ensemble Taiko drumming. Filled with joyful celebrations, comic interludes and powerful songs, they bring the excitement of original and traditional Japanese drumming into full focus with this dynamic performance. The performers bring their energy and life experiences to this rich performance, celebrating the ancient art form of Japanese Taiko ensemble drumming. The heart of Taiko is an expression of self, support of community and integrity of interpretation. Fushicho Daiko’s expansive repertoire of the ancient and the new, from Shinto shrine melodies to original songs honors this rich heritage. The performers interpret and breathe life and meaning into each drumbeat, sharing their joy, energy and power in an unforgettable musical and theatrical experience.

1 hour


All Ages