Herberger Theater Fights to Keep Performing Arts Alive With “1000 Friends in 1000 Days” Challenge

The Herberger Theater Center is launching a special campaign to raise funds essential to not only raising the curtain again for live performances in Phoenix, but to supporting the continuation of the Theater’s unique outreach programs for low-income children and teens across the Valley.

In this multi-year campaign, the Herberger Theater aims to grow its donor base to 1,000 active donors over a 1,000-day period through its “1,000 Friends in 1,000 Days” challenge. The campaign will run from May 26, 2021 to February 20, 2024 and funds will be dedicated to nourishing the theater as it recovers from massive financial loss experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Between performance cancellations and stage closures, the pandemic’s effect on the Herberger Theater community has been staggering. From March through November 2020, the Herberger Theater lost 90% of its earned revenue.

Despite these losses, the Herberger Theater worked to find imaginative solutions to safely raise the curtain again, including its outdoor stage, The Pavilion. With new creative plans in place, the Herberger Theater is turning to avid supporters of the performing arts to help it recover from the pandemic and return to bringing life and culture back to the Phoenix community.

“The pandemic upended the arts world, and the Herberger Theater was no exception to that disruption,” said Mark Mettes, President & CEO of the Herberger Theater. “Our 90 percent loss in earned revenue means 90 percent less funding to foster diverse performing arts experiences; 90 percent less funding to sustain outreach programs that allow children from throughout the community to express themselves through theater and the arts; and 90 percent less funding to contribute to the cultural and educational development of the Valley. The 1,000 Friends in 1,000 Days campaign will ensure the survival of these initiatives and help preserve the magic of live theater in Arizona.”

Through performances and outreach programs, the Herberger Theater is dedicated to bringing people together, inspiring imagination, and fostering important conversations.

For more information about the 1000-day fundraising campaign, visit HerbergerTheater.org/donate-now/

Questions may be directed to Laurene Austin at 602-254-7399 x105 or 1000Challenge@herbergertheater.org.